It may be a pre-fabricated classroom, portable office or modular sports changing building, it may be new, it may be used.  There is one thing remains constant and that is the need for suitable foundations, drainage and service ducts.

The nature of a modular buildings construction dictates that each module is built to exact controlled tolerances.  Errors in this construction process causes mis-alignments and poor building finishes.  Thankfully this is a rare manufacturing occurrence.  The foundations are of equal importance, errors in levels transfer themselves into the building, manifesting itself in poor wall, ceiling and floor alignment.  Sadly and all too often, groundwork contractors who are not experienced in modular construction cause immense problems to the installation process and ultimately the quality of finish, by providing out of tolerance foundations.  The saying “that will do it’s only a temporary building” is, unfortunately all too common.

At MBSS we understand just how important the foundations are, and we take great care in setting out and ensuring the levels are spot on.  ” That will do” is not in our vocabulary.

We provide a complete service including the provision of drainage, storm and foul services, ducting for power and IT cables and mains water, connections and certification.  Should you wish, we are also able deal with your building control application, geotechnical and geo-environmental site investigations.

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