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Portable Offices Ltd, a regular client of PMBS, was awarded a prestigious contract in South London to provide 30 No. Bay, two storey classroom buildings for a long term rental, whilst a major redevelopment is carried out.  The contract was a complete turnkey project which needed to be installed over the Christmas holiday period.

Historic data highlighted the fact that ground conditions at site were far from ideal. Initially the complete area was scanned with ground probing radar, producing a complete map of underground services.  The data was used to position the buildings in the most suitable locations to avoid major underground services.  Geotechnical test boring was carried out at various locations ,to determine the ground composition and load bearing capabilities.  Samples were also sent for laboratory analysis to determine levels of contamination.  The data identified one area where the ground composition gave rise to particular concern.

Foundations style and depths were calculated in accordance with this data, meaning that two particular locations required strip foundations to a depth of 3.6 mtrs. Installation of the buildings was carried out over two weekends to minimise any disruption.

The site has many buildings and features which give it a listed status.  In order to maintain these features, careful routes were chosen to distribute the electrical services.  Steps and ramps were also designed to protect a unique storm water drainage system.  We are pleased to say the project was completed 10 days ahead of programme.

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